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Talisman of doppler
Talisman of doppler
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 Follow the Rules

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PostSubject: Follow the Rules   Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:54 pm

GM Rules

1. Fairness and justice should be performed when GMs use their rights to help the players by solving in-game problems and protecting the game environment.
2. GMs are not allowed to help any players or characters to gain extra unfair benefits in game world, and prohibited to do anything which will break the balance of the game, it includes (but not limit to) the followings:
*Help to kill monster
*Help to finish quest
*Trade or give item or money
*Help to teleport
3. GMs are not allowed to join any player's Guild or Group.
4. GMs are not allowed to do free PK.
5. GMs are strictly prohibited to use coarse language.
6. GMs are strictly prohibited to use their special power to steal or defraud player of items or money in the game.

GM Case Usage

1. GMs solve all of the in-game problems on the basis of fairness and equity.
2. GMs can be identified by the prefix of the in-game name [GM]
3. GMs will never request players for their password of game account as well as the information of Credit Card.
4. GMs deal with all cases by the following rules:

Moderator Rules

Moderator is a role of in-game administrator played by player to help manage the game environment. Without privilege that will affect balance of the game, moderator is the same as ordinary characters essentially. To regulate moderator management and make it more transparent, we release the details of Mod Rules here for your reference and supervision:
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Follow the Rules
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